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Catalogue Muse
Version 1.0 R4




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Catalogue Muse

Version 1.0 Revision 4

What's new in this revision?

Version 1.0 R4

If you captured your screen to the clipboard by pressing "PrtScn", or copied a picture from a web page or a photo viewer, etc., you now have a choice when you click Open. You can open a file or open the clipboard. The above picture was made using this new feature.

Version 1.0 Revision 3

What's new in this revision?

Version 1.0 R3

I have completely re-engineered Pan and Zoom. It has 5 new buttons: up-left, up-right, down-left, and down-right. The 4-way arrow in the center is now a button, clicking it moves you to the center.

There's an all new View Finder to show you exactly where you are while panning and zooming. The Pan step and Zoom step are much improved, more accurate and consistent.

The biggest improvement is that Pan is unrestricted, you can move to any part of the image, even completely outside the image, if you wish. Zoom can be zoomed out to approximately 8X negative zoom. You can put a large picture completely inside the smaller sizes. The picture above was made using Revision 3.

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